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Ben McFall ‘The Heart Of The Strand’ Dead At 73: How Did He Die? Cause Of Death Biography




Amid so much bad news one is coming from New York where the longest-tenured bookseller in the history of the country’s storied bookstore, and he perpetuated its bohemian character. However, as soon as the news of his death was dropped or better say announced people across the nation started to mourn his death and their pain can be seen on social media as everyone today is delivering tributes for him. The main thing which is being searched is Ben McFall death cause, so if you are one of those so stick around.

Ben McFall ‘The Heart Of The Strand’ Dead At 73 How Did He Die Cause Of Death Biography

However, everyone knew about him but still some people are in the dark about his personality and therefore we would like to illuminate that he was the longest-tenured bookseller in the history of New York. One of the most loved human beings of the nation died at the age of 73 on the 22nd of December at his home in Jersey City, N.J. The news of his death was confirmed by his partner named Jim Behrle. Behrle said that his death cause was a fall.

Who Was Ben McFall?

Continuing the statement he adds that Mr. Ben Mcfall was recently diagnosed with Pulmonary fibrosis which is a lung disease that occurs when lung tissue becomes damaged and scarred. Mr. McFall enjoyed all of his duties and perks as well which was not given to any other Strand employee. He was the only person in charge of an entire section which shows that people were unable to control themselves loving him. Born Benjamin Julius McFall June 7, 1948, Detroit, brought up in the same mostly known as Ben McFall.

As per the sources we got to know that he belongs to a very reputed family where his parents Lester and Joetta both were schoolteachers. When it comes to talking about his education so the bookseller of history completed his graduation from Olivet College which is located in Michigan along with a bachelor’s degree in French and music in 1971. Today, when he is not with us, people are paying tributes and sending condolences to the family and all of his loved ones. May his soul rest in peace, our deepest condolences are with his entire team.