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Beethoven’s unfinished work was completed thanks to Artificial Intelligence






Beethoven’s unfinished tenth symphony has been completed, based on some of the notes the German composer left before he died and with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Last week, in a concert hall in Lausanne, Switzerland, a group of people could hear, for the first time, what the unfinished would have been like. tenth symphony by the emblematic German composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

According to the agency France-Presse, the work was inspired by some notes that the composer left before he died, in 1827, and was finished, in just a few hours, with the help of an artificial intelligence program ANN (Artificial Neural Network).

The final score, dubbed BeethovANN Symphony 10.1 and about five minutes long, it was done with a single click, just before the concert by the Nexus orchestra.

The performance was supervised by Florian Colombo, a computer program designer who dedicated several years of his life to teaching an ANN to compose, following the style of this musical genius.

“This is an exciting experience for me,” said Colombo, who is also a cellist, as music filled that Swiss concert hall. “There’s a Beethoven touch, but it’s actually BeethovANN. Something new to discover,” he added.

Guillaume Berney, the conductor who conducted the show, agreed. “It works. There are some very good parts and others that are a little out of style, but it’s good to hear”, he said, acknowledging that “maybe that spark of genius is missing”.

“The idea is be able to press a button to produce a complete score for the entire symphony orchestra, without other interventions”, explained Colombo, a researcher at the École Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne.

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