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#BBNaija S6: Cross laments over Angel’s mood swings




Big Brother Naija Season 6 housemate, Cross, has lamented that he does not understand Angel due to her constant mood swings.

He stated this during a discussion with Whitemoney and Pere on Thursday night, in the lounge after the show’s Pre-Independence dinner. While the discussion was ongoing, Angel walked passed them and Cross stated, “This girl has ‘spirit’.” Pere asked why.

Cross responded, “I don’t know her. I don’t know how to understand her. Two days should come please. Sunday should just come let me run away from this house.”

Whitemoney asked, “Her mood just changes right?”

“I don’t understand. It looks like you’re getting somewhere then all of a sudden, it slips. Let Sunday come, let me go home. Let me go where there is ‘wave length’,” Cross revealed, adding that he will leave the matter for God to “take charge”.

He continued, “That’s what my mum taught me. I’m a good man so I will help. But when I keep trying and I see that I’m not going anywhere, I’ll carry the case and go and meet someone bigger than you, who is God. He will have the proper coordinated answer. That’s my own belief.”

Whitemoney then asked Cross if he had tried communicating with her. He replied,

“I’ve tried to communicate, to understand her. I’ve tried to know her story.”

“Her story is deep,” Whitemoney said

Cross agreed saying, “I know. It’s very deep; deeper than I expected.”

Angel previously told Cross that she grew up with her grandmother and had not known her mum until she had clocked age seven. She had also revealed to him that her grandmother used to make her lie down in order to check her ‘virginity’.

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