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BBNaija Lockdown Reunion: Dorathy performs fellatio on Brighto, Praise lasts five seconds




With every episode, the BBNaija lockdown reunion seems to come with more scandals.

The reunion offers the former housemates a chance to clear the air. However, even though they were only together on screen for a short period of time during the reunion, it degenerated into a lot of cussing, near fights, and shocking admissions.

The previous episode saw a showdown between Vee and TolaniBaj. This time, more information was revealed behind the scenes that were not shown during the show. 

Many viewers on social media, who followed the reality show while it aired, earlier christened the camera crew “Kayode”. They blamed Kayode for not showing them this juicy gist while it happened.

BBNaija reunion
Blowing a love triangle

Wathoni explained to host Ebuka Obi-Uchendu about how she hooked up with Brighto. She also revealed how Dorathy entered their love triangle. Both women claimed to have used Brighto during their stay in the house.

Dorathy admitted to performing fellatio on BrightO while they were in the house. However, Kayode didn’t show viewers this part. In the previous episode, Wathoni had slipped and shared some private information about the two housemates. She confessed that she had changed the sheets after Dorathy gave BrightO some mouth action.

However, the following morning, Dorathy was hurt when BrightO ignored her. According to him, the session they had the night before was not that important. He didn’t want to do anything intimate with anyone in the house.

Ka3na BBNaija reunion
‘Five seconds’ man?

Ka3na had a lot to get off her chest in this episode. She called Praise out for his lack of longevity and stamina between the sheets, where it mattered. The two former housemates were infamous for their scandalous relationship while in the house, even though she only stayed there for two weeks.

While in the house, Ka3na invited Praise into her bed. This was contrary to what she shared that they had not engaged in coitus while in the house. But while it may have ended happily for him, she was left feeling dissatisfied. She also shared details about the intimate activities they performed outside the watchful eyes of Big Brother.

Praise later insisted that she exaggerated her boss status as he did all the work. From behind. Praise also cleared the air on why they both discredited rumours that they did more beneath the sheets.

In summary, the night was more intense than the clips the show gave away. We anticipate more juicy information from the coming episodes of the BBNaija Lockdown Reunion.

In the meantime, you can watch #BBNaija episode 4 below:

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