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#BBNaija: Liquorose and Emmanuel clash, Housemates intervene



It was an interesting afternoon in the Big Brother Naija house as Liquorose confronted Emmanuel, claiming he had hurt her feelings.

According to Liquorose, Emmanuel had messed up their blossoming friendship by pointing her out as one of the Wildcards.

Remember that Big Brother had told the housemates when they came into the house that there were Wildcards amongst them. The wildcards were fake housemates who the other 20 housemates had to point out. If the other housemates had correctly pointed out the wildcards, they would’ve been asked to leave the show immediately.

The housemates largely missed the mark, keeping the Wildcards Pere and Maria in the show. However, it looks like the damage among the housemates has already been done.

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Liquorose revealed how she was hurt as she had opened up to Emmanuel about a lot of things. She also added how she had forgiven him as he apologized but she was finding it hard to get past what she saw as betrayal from a trusted friend.

It had looked like the duo were on their way to a relationship over the last week. However, Liquorose revealed that they were just close friends. Ironically, she also claimed she needed clarity about Emmanuel’s feelings for her.

At this point, some of the other housemates had intervened in the conversation, sharing their two cents. Maria told Emmanuel that he was wrong for acting hot and cold towards Liquorose – especially after he told her that he liked her.

Pere also told him, “Don’t make people feel like they have a place in your heart, when they really don’t. You don’t want to mess with a woman’s emotions. If you don’t like her, don’t pursue it, don’t give mixed signals”.

Beatrice tried to explain to Liquorose just how much Emmanuel likes her. “He really likes you, but Emmanuel doesn’t speak much. Just let him be.”

To add to the drama, after this group discussion was done, Emmanuel and Liquorose walked away from the rest of the housemates. He went on to ask for clarity about where they stood, to which she replied that she likes him beyond friendship.

This is definitely one relationship to keep an eye out for.

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