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#BBNaija: ‘Flirt with your full chest’ — Peace tells Sammie



One of the first relationships to bloom in this Big Brother Naija: Shine Ya Eye season was the relationship between Sammie and Angel.

So it was very interesting when during a conversation with Niyi, Sammie declared that Peace was his actual “spec” in the house and not Angel. Yet, his relationship with Angel continued to grow.

However, during a recent diary session, Peace complained to Big Brother about feeling uncomfortable with Sammie flirting with her. Especially as most of the time, it was been done behind Angel’s back.

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On Wednesday, Peace finally sat with Sammie to call him to order. She told him she wasn’t a fan of secret relationships and she didn’t want him to flirt with her behind Angel’s back again.  “If you want to flirt, flirt with your chest,” she said.

Sammie tried to explain to her that he was just joking most of the time but she wasn’t buying it. She added that she felt disrespected when he did flirt with her, and then tried to hide it whenever Angel was around.

She said that if he ever wanted to flirt with her, then it should be done in the open. “I hate being kept a secret and it paints the wrong picture,” Peace added.

It didn’t end there as Sammie went on to profess his feelings for the former head of house. “I don’t have anything with Angel. Angel is just being herself. I have my eyes on you. It is only you I have eyes on, not Angel”, he added.

Sammie’s feelings for Angel might have been affected by the game of Truth or Dare the housemates played two nights ago. During the game, Angel shared a passionate kiss with Boma and Saga. Sammie didn’t look impressed by that.

We wonder who Sammie would eventually end up with.

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