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#BBNaija: Boma reveals true nature




Big Brother Naija season 6 housemate, Boma, has revealed his true nature. According to the model, he changed his personality in order to participate in the show.

The current deputy head of house stated this in a discussion with Jackie B. This happened at the Head of House lounge on Monday.

The 34 year old revealed he isn’t naturallyas playful as he is in the house. According to him, he only changed so that he would be able to mix with the rest of the housemates. He said, 

“If you see the way I’m playing now, I don’t play like this outside. I only play like this with someone who has been my girlfriend for a while – like two years- because my relationships are like five years or thereabout. It takes a ‘heavy’ relationship for you to see me like this, in my form here.”

“My mum doesn’t even see me play like this. But I had to break myself and say, ‘Let me just be flexible so that I’ll be able to be here’.”

Boma went on to state that if he had come into the show believing that he has achieved a lot, he would have been ‘stiff’.

“I came in here with the mindset that we are all competing. We are all one, we are all on the same level. I don’t really care where anyone is from or what anyone has. We are just here for one prize and we are all equal. That’s what really helped my mind,” the ex footballer said.

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