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Avengers appear with their most brutal and violent formation in new comic






When a brutal and dangerous villain proves too much of a problem for even Earth’s Most Powerful Heroes, the Avengers, how can the Marvel universe respond in kind? Simple: with a team as wild as the opponent.

Warning: Spoilers to follow!

in the title Savage Avengers, the Avengers’ extreme division must face Kulan Gath, a sorcerer enemy of Conan the Barbarian, who is trying to conquer the entire Marvel universe in a brutal and violent campaign; and which resulted in the death of many of the publisher’s characters in an alternate timeline.

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With that, in Savage Avengers #26, with screenplays by Gerry Duggan and artwork by Patch Zircher, after both the Avengers and the X-Men lost to Kulan Gath, the hope of the Marvel Universe lies in the hands of an aging Conan the Barbarian; and of Kang the Conqueror.

Kulan Gath arrives at the fortress between Kang’s timelines, and finds old Conan there, who tries desperately to fight his nemesis, but ends up dying.

However, what Kulan Gath did not expect was that the old Cimmerian was only confronting him to give Kang the Conqueror enough time to rally a group of extremely brutal warriors to fight the sorcerer.

When Kulan Gath leaves the Conqueror’s stronghold and arrives in the Wilderness to finalize the last remnants of his journey to conquer the Marvel Universe, he bumps into Kang, who is accompanied by Doctor Doom, Doctor Strange and a much younger version of Conan the Barbarian. Together they constitute a new version of the Wild Avengers.

And this new version has a very important difference when compared to others that tried to defeat the sorcerer: all members, but especially Doctor Fate, are willing to resort to extreme violence to end the villain.

No time demonstrates this more graphically than when towards the end of the edit, Doctor Doom rips out Kulan Gath’s jaw to prevent the villain from using spells that require his voice. Although the sorcerer can use other spells to regenerate quickly, the Monarch of Latveria’s action is not uncommon in an Avengers title, especially when done on the side of justice.

And it is through these and other actions that this new team formed by Kang demonstrates how the Wild Avengers really are a very different division from what we are used to with the team of heroes at Marvel. With villains and morally gray characters joining the team, the formation becomes extremely brutal; however, if we consider certain villains, necessary for the protection of the Marvel Universe.

Curious for the end of the story? The conclusion of the conflict with Kulan Gath will only be revealed in December, when Savage Avengers #27 is launched in gringo territory. Until then, we can only speculate on the plot’s next developments.

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