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Argentine President cancels trips to prevent deputy from assuming Government





Cristina Kirchner, President of Argentina, during a speech in the Plaza de Mayo.

Cristina Kirchner is the majority partner in the Government coalition and demands, among other changes, the replacement of many ministers, secretaries and presidents of public bodies. Recently, he has publicly shown his displeasure with the economic policy followed by Fernández.

The Argentine President, Alberto Fernandez, decided to cancel trips abroad to prevent the Vice President, Cristina Kirchner, assume during your absence and take decisions that aggravate the institutional crisis it provokes

by the resignations ordered by the vice. “The President has suspended his trips abroad”, confirmed official sources, reproduced by the Argentine press.

Argentine President Alberto Fernández planned to travel early this afternoon to Mexico, where he would spend the weekend and, from there, he would head to New York to participate, on Tuesday, in person, at the United Nations Assembly. The two trips were canceled due to the institutional crisis that is putting the President in check.

The trip to Mexico was intended to participate in the Summit of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). The speech during the UN Assembly will be virtual.

Cristina Kirchner demands a ministerial reform to change the direction of the Government and also wants the Minister of Economy to have an economic policy expansionist to increase public spending until the November 14 legislative elections, central to the Government’s political plans to control Parliament. Alberto Fernández preferred to postpone changes in ministries to after the elections, but, faced with the crisis, he is now forced to reformulate his team.

A majority partner in the ruling coalition and holder of true power, Cristina Kirchner ordered the resignation of various ministers, secretaries and presidents of public bodies — with the 11 resignations causing a power vacuum.

“The resignations cause serious damage to the Government and the letter that Cristina Kirchner published reveals a vice-president who orders the Presidentbefore submitting to it. The President is in check. The political situation is dramatic“, points to Lusa the political analyst Nelson Castro.

“I’m not the one who puts the President in check, but the election result“, claimed Cristina Kirchner in an open letter, published in the last hours in which the vice president refers to the resounding defeat in the primary elections last Sunday.

The magnitude of the defeat defeats the aim to control the parliament and it translates into a disapproval of the administration of President Alberto Fernández, who is in the middle of his term. The primary elections tend to anticipate the result of the legislative elections, which will take place from now on. less than two months.

In the extensive letter, Cristina Kirchner fault Alberto Fernández for the “unprecedented electoral defeat for Peronism” and orders him what must be done. “I always exposed to the President what, for me, constituted a delicate social situation. I warned him that I was conducting a wrong fiscal adjustment policy that would invariably have electoral consequences”, he accuses. “I got tired of saying the same thing and the answer was always that I was wrong“, criticizes.

To pressure, Cristina Kirchner decided to carry out a ministerial reform. “Really believe that is not necessary, after such a defeat, to publicly present resignations?”, he asks. “The President must relaunch his Government and sit down with his Minister of Economy to review numbers“he claimed.

Before the release of Kirchner’s letter, Alberto Fernández published a statement on social media in which he said he considered “not be time to expose disputes“. “Government management will continue as I see fit. For that, I was elected”, he warned with an implicit addressee: his vice-president.

However, faced with the resignations of the ministers, Alberto Fernández is preparing for a ministerial reform and to announce a package of measures destined to increase the purchasing power from the lower and lower-middle class in an attempt to reverse the results of the polls, exactly as their vice wants.

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