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Argentina: Lionel Messi lets his happiness burst






Since Argentina’s Copa América victory this summer, Lionel Messi has been a happy and accomplished man. La Pulga tells.

“Finally a happy vacation from the first to the last day!” At the microphone ofESPN in Argentina, Lionel Messi (34) explained that Argentina’s success in the Copa América this summer had changed a lot for him. “I have the peace of mind to have fulfilled the dream that has so often been denied to me”, he said. “Everything I won has been important and beautiful, but this title was the most difficult because I went through a lot … I took blow after blow. We were called failures ”, he stressed, still deeply marked by this victory.

“I didn’t quite understand what was going on. It all happened like a dream, it was a spectacular moment. I take even more pleasure when I see the images of that moment. I couldn’t believe we had finally made it ”, he confided, proud of his group. “We were very strong, we went through a lot of difficulties and nothing else mattered. The group had a very clear objective and we did not deviate from that. We were able to play, sometimes well, sometimes less well. In this kind of tournament, only the result counts, you must not take goals ”, he said.

A new player

The Pulga is also sure, this is only the beginning. “Over time I’m sure our game will be smoother and we’ll continue to grow and improve and when you win you break free. It is an inflection point: we must take advantage of this momentum to continue to progress collectively and in the game ”, he greeted, thanking Lionel Scaloni, a full member of the group. “He took over the selection at a difficult time and he was able to give us confidence”, he confided.

Today, the n ° 30 of Paris SG feels a purely accomplished player. “I have grown enormously as a player, I have tried to assimilate and bring other things to my game. Today, I step back a little more behind, I try not to be satisfied with playing in the last third of the land. I’m trying to be more of a passer, to control the rhythm and the tempo of the match. I no longer have the acceleration of yesteryear, but I still manage to create danger “, he appreciated. Mauricio Pochettino and PSG can rub their hands!

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