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Anthony Daglio was arrested in Enfield bank robbery




Enfield Bank Robbery: Anthony Daglio was arrested in Enfield bank robbery: Recently, a robbery took place in Chase Bank in Enfield. Yes, you read it right that a local man has been facing charges of robbery. The news has been going viral everywhere on the internet. As we all know that several crimes have been taking place these days and the counting of crimes is increasing every day. Every day, tons of news of crimes come to the light and gain everyone’s attention. Likewise, a robbery case has come to the headlines from Enfield. The police have been investigating the case. Through this article, you will get all the information regarding the robbery case. Follow More Update On

Enfield Bank Robbery

Anthony Daglio Arrested

As per the sources, an Enfield man, Anthony Daglio, was charged with first-degree robbery, third-degree larceny, and first-degree threatening after he robbed Chase Bank on 23 December. As per the reports of Chief Alaric Fox, the police reached the Chase Bank on Hazar Avenue at around 09:15 am. An employee of the bank reported to the police officers, he said that a robbery has happened at the bank. He claimed that the suspect had a bomb as he told the employee. The police have arrested the man after a few hours of the crime and currently, he is facing several charges.

Enfield Bank Robbery Details

After the arrival of the police and setting up a perimeter around the bank, a man was spotted on foot at the rear of the Shop Rite Supermarket who was fitting the description of the suspect. It was revealed that the police have identified the man through the surveillance footage of the bank. The investigators of the case said they have found a huge amount of money on the suspect. The suspect has got $5,000 from the bank. There is no evidence of any explosive materials were found in the back. Also, no injuries were reported.

The suspect, Anthony Daglio’s bond is set at $250,000. He has to appear at Hartford Superior Court on Thursday. Anthony Daglio was arrested with charges of robbery. He was accused of loot of Chase Bank in Enfield. The investigators of the case have not revealed much information regarding the case and the suspect. We are searching for more details about the suspect. We will update you soon with more details. Stay tuned with us for more updates.