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Anonymous Tv Video Leaked on Twitter – Russia-Ukraine war: Hackers’ >




WATCH: Anonymous Tv Video Leaked on Twitter – Russia-Ukraine war: Hackers’: According to the reports, there was a piece of news coming out on the internet amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, an anonymous group has started the cyberattack against Russia. The President of the country Vladimir Putin has launched the full-scale invasion of Kyiv. It was spreading that the anonymous group from Twitter has leaked information about Russia to the public. Follow More Update On

Anonymous Tv Video Leaked on Twitter

The group says the information which we are leaking is about the government secret files which they hide from the public. No one knows whether this information is true or not. It requires authentic sources to prove it. According to the international media reports, the hacking group aimed to shut down several, Russian government websites. The state-controlled Russian international television network was also targeted by the gang.

The website also says that a number of other sites have also under control in our eyes. They also have targeted the massive denial of service (DDOS) attacks. From this site, we can see that the group has to access many user accounts. They can steal the information and misuse it. They also have other options which they sell the information to the dark web users which is more dangerous to the people, to the country, to the government. If they sell it, then this is going to wildly disaster.

Russia-Ukraine war Videos: Hackers’

It was believed that the group has officially launched a cyberwar with the Russian government. The group announced their actions on social media, claiming to have taken down some Russian Government websites. It is officially engaged in cyberwarfare against the Russian Government wrote a social media account claiming to represent the group on Thursday. The group has shut down its website for some reason. The owner of the website has shut down their website but they also created a second website with the same domain. The Ministry of Defense has all come under cyber attack by a collective of hackers.

Many users reported that the social media sites attacked by the gang slowed down their process during the day and were offline for long periods of time. There are some videos, photos, or images once you see them you will be shocked if this thing exists in the real world. Many videos are disturbing and many were brutal. Some videos related to area 51 which ultimately related to the aliens. Some signs or signals have still existed on the earth where you can find the different creature which is hidden from the public.