Angela Merkel’s CDU wins clear victory over far right in regional election


German Chancellor Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) won regional elections in Upper Saxony this Sunday, according to projections put forward after the polls closed.

The CDU will have won a clear victory over the far right of the Alternative to Germany (AfD) n-Anhalt, in those that are the last regional elections before the September 26 general elections.

According to projections made by public television ZDF, about 30 minutes after the polls closed, the CDU won 35.2% of the votes in the state with two million inhabitants, while the AfD registered only 23.3%, when previous polls pointed to an enormous balance. Next came the radical left formation Die Linke, with 11%, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), with 8.2%, the Liberals (6.9%) and the Greens (6.1%).

In terms of distribution of the 83 seats in that state, the CDU reached 32, followed by AfD (21), Die Linke (10), SPD (8), Greens (6) and Liberals (6), with 42 needed to hold the majority .

Conservatives thus register a remarkable growth compared to the 2016 regional elections, in which they had 29.8% of the vote, while the AfD lost a point from the previous 24.3% achieved.

You Social Democrats lose almost two to three points compared to 10.6% in 2016; the left, more than five (16.3%), while the Greens rise nine tenths (5.2%). already the Liberals managed to re-enter the regional parliament, surpassing the 5% barrier, after ten years in the non-parliamentary opposition.

Given this result, the prime minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Rainer Haseloff, is in a position to re-enact the alliance with the Social Democrats and the Greens, known as “Kenya” due to the colors of the three parties, being the first government with this configuration across the country and would achieve a total of 46 seats in the regional parliament.

Another possibility, with the same 46 seats, would be a coalition “Germany”, by joining the CDU with the SPD and the liberals. Finally, there would also be the alternative “Jamaica”, resulting from a partnership between Conservatives, Greens and Liberals, with 44 seats.

The polling stations opened at 06:00 GMT for about 1.8 million citizens and closed at 16.00 GMT, in an election in which Haseloff aspired to once again head the government for what will be, in his words, the third and last term.

Haseloff, who has led the Saxony-Anhalt state coalition government since 2011, has ruled out any collaboration with the far right or the radical left and stressed that Saxony-Anhalt can only be governed from the center and with democratic parties .

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