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Andy Kibe On The Spot






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If you are looking for realness, a person that can tell you with a straight face like it is, then Andrew Kibe is your guy. He doesn’t mince words when talking about controversial topics and giving people the undesired truth. Andrew is a media personality, vlogger, blogger, and so much more.


He is a free thinker and does not shy away from sharing his mind, tackling controversial topics that many shun. Over time, Andrew, because of his genuine rants that expound on contentious issues, has earned hundreds of followers on his social media handles. Perhaps you knew him from his “roof-top” days where he used to give controversial personalities a piece of his mind while demystifying certain societal norms.

Of late Kibe has been trending on the media after he was exposed by Eric Omondi who said that Kibe had not gone the USA to work but rather he was hosted by his baby mama. Unfortunately, today Kibe is in the media again after he refused to pay Kshs 4500 for timberland boots that he had ordered.

Enyewe if you are a man dating a single mother and you don’t have a kid you’ll feel there’s imbalance.

Am loving you kifeee, keep defending the boy child coz women have been over empowered and taken advantage…. nakupenda

A channel where men are fixing each other with the same mission and vision of being better and stronger in the society….WAY TO GO

Some lambistic men are on these channel hating on kifee. Why don’t you just join your fellow women and follow classic and kiss the lambistry channels.

Andy Kibe

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