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Amina Abdi Rabar regrets her father’s role in grabbed land






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The Trend’s Amina Abdi Rabar to some may be one annoying diva that has mastered the art of rubbing people the wrong way, but for some reason, most people actually empathise with her when it comes to her father. She always has fond memories of her dad from her childhood days, and it’s on such few occasions that people feel a true connection with her. However, she has now waded into potentially controversial waters, talking about her dear dad in connection to Kenya’s grabbed land.

While hosting the week’s The Trend alongside regular co-hosts Kwach and Cindy Ogana, the trio got to talking about a super expensive offer that was going for more than five million shillings. While gushing over the fact that in deed there are people who do have a lot of money in the country, she turned to her co-hosts with a very interesting inquiry.

She asked them whether they too feel like she regularly does, before going ahead to explain. She said that whenever she looks at some of these people who have excess money she always wonders what the hell her father was doing when his peers were busy amassing wealth and grabbing huge tracts of public land.

Insinuating that most of the heavy spenders in Kenya hail from families that had access to government offices and plundered public coffers, Amina gushed over how it would have been like having a rich corrupt father. Sadly, her two shameless co-hosts, or in this case, cohorts, weren’t any better. The zeal with which Cindy Ogana lit up and celebrated the prospect of having a corrupt father was unmatched. She equally wondered why the hell she couldn’t have originated from the loins of an infamous land grabber.

While Kwach also partook in the shameful and despicable fellowship, his reaction was a bit mild and restrained compared to that of his cohorts. This restraint is likely to add to the rumour which has lingered in some quarters that Kwach is actually son to the famous Judicial officer, Justice Kwach.

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