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WATCH: Alvin Kamara Fight Video Goes Viral On Social Media: The entire world is currently in outrage after a disturbing video of an attack is circulating on the web. As per the authorities, New Orleans Saints running back Alvin Kamara was among many individuals who “attacked” a man and this incident have happened at Las Vegas nightclub on Saturday morning, 5th February 2022. As per the arrest documents acquired by The Times-Picayune, I New Orleans Advocate, the dispute occurred around 06:30 AM at Cromwell Casino at Drais After Dark club. Follow More Update On

Alvin Kamara Fight Video

Alvin Kamara Fight Video

In this incident, a man recognized as Darnell Greene informed officers that he was leaving the club for the night and made his way to the elevators. While waiting for the lift, he said he struck up a conversation with a group of people who were also waiting for the elevators. When the lift comes up, Greene stated he and the group of people started to the open doors when Kamara reportedly put his hand on the chest Green, stopping him.

Greene stated he pushed the hand of Kamara off his chest, and then someone pushed him causing him to impingement back. The arrest document stated, “After Greene was pushed, he states that he was being beaten and kicked by several people and losses consciousness.”

Greene was questioned by police at Sunrise Hospital on Saturday evening. He stated he was able to remember the fight and explained one man, “but he stated it occurred so fast and could not give much more than that. The only one that Greene can recall is explained as a black male in his 20s, he was estimated 5’10”, muscular and had either dreadlocks or braided hair. The perpetrator was wearing either a grey sweater or grey shirt.”

The report says Greene suffered a round fracture on his right eye and may need surgery. The report says “He eyes was swollen so much that he can not open his right eye. The lower orbital bone is what aids support the eye in place. With a fracture of this sort, it can limit movement of the eye and cause double vision and other possible balance or vision.”

Kamara was apprehended hours after taking part in the 2022 Pro Bowl. The documents acquired by the newspaper say that Kamara was interviewed in Allegiant Stadium instantly after the game. Documents stated Kamara said he was with his friends and girlfriends while waiting for the lift. “Kamara recalls Greene calling one of his companions ugly and then later stated, “I will whoop your a** too.” That is when Kamara stated he watched a fight break out and watched Greene get punched.