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Manchester Arena Bombing Programme: All You Need To Know Documentary: With the passage of time, the taste of people watching movies and series has also changed. Now they prefer watching documentaries and real-based incidents rather than fictional stories. In this lineup, TV is all ready to telecast a two-part documentary on the brutal attack that stunned the world- the Manchester bombing. The program will desire to explore what occurred on the night of the 22nd of May 2017 when admirers headed to the Manchester Arena to view pop star Ariana Grande in a sold-out concert prior to their lives being changed forever. Ahead of the powerful documentary, discover more about the program ITV and what to expect. Follow More Update On

Manchester Arena Bombing Programme

Manchester Arena Bombing Programme

The 1st of the 2-part movie details the personal side of the attack, which watched 22 people lose their lives, talking with sufferers and the families of those who were affected by the events that happened on that tragic evening. The attack was later discovered to have been carried out by 22-year-old Manchester citizen Salman Abedi, and the incident was the 1st suicide bombing in the United Kingdom the 7/7 London bombing in the year 2005.

Manchester Arena Bombing Programme

5 years after the brutal attack, more information is starting to arise about what really occurred. As the ITV synopsis describes, the movie looks to “piece together the chilling timeline of the day” and provides an in-depth analysis of how it came to happen. The synopsis further continues: “In program one, we display 2 worlds hitting, with a countdown of the hours directing up to the bombing and a story that starts closely a quarter of a century earlier.

Manchester Arena Bombing Programme

“We reach back more than 20 years to when the family of the bomber first came to Manchester and interweave the childhood of Hashem Abedi and Salman and that of their sufferers, determining their respective upbringings. We also disclose how the public inquiry has discovered that multiple chances were missed to stop the bomber from carrying out his attack, both on the night itself, and prior to.”

Manchester Arena Bombing Programme

What Will Episode One Of Worlds Collide Of ITV: The Manchester Bombing Explore?

More information about episode 2 is yet to be disclosed, though, as per Radio Times, the 2nd installment in the program seems closer in the minutes directing up to the bombing and the instant aftermath of the attack. The 2nd and final episodes also pay close attention to how the emergency services responded to the event and why a counter-terrorism operations’ failure meant the response from the emergency services was postponed.

When Does ITV’s Worlds Collide: The Manchester Bombing Telecast On TV?

The first part of the documentary was telecasted on Monday, 11th of April at 09:00 PM on ITV. The 2nd episode will be telecast later in the week on Thursday, 14th of April on ITV at the same time of 09:00 PM.