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All About Asap Rocky Scandal Details




Asap Rocky Scandal explained: All About Asap Rocky Scandal Details: Another US rapper is presently making headlines in the newspaper but not because of his new album but due to his wrong deed. As per the latest report American rapper, ASAP Rocky whose real name is Rakim Mayers has been found guilty of assault at the time of a Stockholm fight and given a 2-year suspended conviction. ASAP Rocky (30-years-old) spent nearly a month in custody after the assault. The incident has happened at the end of the month of June, prior to being released ahead of the judgment. After the conviction, he posted on his official Instagram page saying he is “disappointed” with the judgment and thanking his fans and followers for their support. Follow More Update On

Asap Rocky Scandal

Asap Rocky Scandal explained

2 members of ASAP Rocky’s retinue, David Rispers, and Bladimir Corniel, were found guilty of the same charge. The court said in a released statement “The assault has not been of such a serious nature that a prison conviction must be chosen. The defendants are hence convicted to conditional sentences.” A suspended conviction means that as long as ASAP Rocky and the 2 other men found guilty commit no further crimes at the time of 2 year probation period, they will avoid jail.

The American rapper and his co-defendants asserted they had been acting in self-defense against two people who had been following their group. But the court states that the 3 were “not in a situation where they were permitted to self-defense” and wrote in its judgment that they “assaulted the sufferer by hitting and kicking him as he lay on the ground. The music artist has also thrown the victim to the ground and also stepped on his arm.”

How The Assault Case Of ASAP Rocky Unfolded

The court stated the sufferer of the assault, a refugee who is 19 years old was awarded damages for what the court explained as the violation of his integrity and for pain and suffering. The conviction ruled that there was not sufficient proof to say that bottles had been used at the time of the assault- a key part of the proof presented at the time of the 3-day trial which has happened at the starting of August.

The attorney of ASAP Rocky, Slobodan Jovicic informed the BBC that “The court has identified that Rocky and his party were followed and harassed that no bottle was used, that Rocky did not act in a joined attack with the others and that Rocky did not impose any injuries on the sufferer and that is a win. But the court has also halted that Rocky did not act in self-defense. It is a conclusion that Rocky and I do not agree with.”

The case of ASAP Rocky attracted worldwide attention when former US President Donald Trump interfered, asserting ASAP Rocky was being treated unfairly.