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Alice and Fern TikTok – Husband Abuse Allegations Reddit Explained




Alice and Fern TikTok – Husband Abuse Allegations Reddit Explained: Nowadays if a new family member comes into anybody’s house then the family knows what the environment between the family members is. Everybody was happy and everybody says now the journey of the couple’s life will give some direction in it. But what if we gonna tell you that there was a couple who was sad after hearing the news of a new family member. Yes, you heard it correctly. On Reddit, this news was spreading like lightning speed. Everyone was talking about them. Follow More Update On

Alice And Fern

Reddit Reaction To Alice and Fern TikTok

Alice gave birth to a newborn baby named Fern. She was so happy when she heard the news of the newborn baby. She shares this moment with her fans and followings where she was getting responses of congratulations and big heart. Alice was a well-known web star who often posts the content of herself and her son. Fern on social media. She got thousands of likes and thousands of comments. She gained many followers on Instagram, Twitter. Everything was going great. Until this happens. Recently, she gets herself into a controversial topic. She was facing many difficulties in her life after having the baby.

Alice and Fern TikTok Abuse Allegations Explained

On Reddit, many users didn’t believe her story. Her fans thought they were lying to them. But after showing the facts, the proves to them then their fans were started to believe in her.  Reddit users were in action and they says to Alice. Whether you believe it or not. Whether your husband believes it or not, whether your family believes it or not. We are always behind your back to support you. You don’t need to worry about anybody. You have to stay strong in those difficult times. When her fans read this message, many other people would show up and show their interest in the little baby to support her.

Alice and Fern Drama Explained

Alice says in her TikTok video when her husband returns back to his office. Things going to be a little bit different way. He usually slaps his own child, he kicks his child. Sometimes he even punch him which was very heartbreaking for me. Now, I am going to pregnant a second time and he recently kicked me in my stomach and I totally felt like I need to divorce him and live with our parents. I really upset about his behavior. She was literally crying and didn’t have the courage to move on.