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Alfred Mutua Responds To Claims That He Wrote To Lillian






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Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has denied claims of writing a letter to his immediate ex-wife Lilian Ng’ang’a.

This comes after a letter surfaced online of Mutua allegedly speaking about his relationship with Lilian.

“Beware of fake write-ups in my name,” the governor warned through his Facebook page.

Mutua asked Kenyans to treat such write-ups and any other content bearing his name but are not from his verified social media accounts as fake.

“Anything – write ups, photos etc that are written by me are posted in my VERIFIED Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Any other write-ups in blogs, whatsapp groups etc bearing my name as the author are FAKE. Please treat them as such,” he further said.


“Unlike me, she didn’t want the world. Didn’t want the fame. Didn’t care for the money. Not like I did. And in my oblivion, I would wake up at 3:00 am. Sleep at 11:00 pm. To get her all the good things I thought she needed. But instead, I was taking away everything she needed,” part of the letter reads.


“I look back & I realize that sometimes we unintentionally impose our visions onto our partners. Never asking what they wanted & deciding whether we can meet it. In my quest for ultimate success, I slowly but surely choked the life out of us. I gained the world, but I lost us,” the author goes on.

Mutua and Ng’ang’a announced their shocking separation in August 15. Ng’ang’a is currently in a relationship with hip hop artist Juliani.

Yaani mtu anatoka kwa hii Mali safi anaenda kurukaruka kayole 

Sawa bas

Ulipata mutu?Asking for my neighbours,I am neighbours!

The fake post which was circulating somehow defines the the life of your ex because human beings are wondering why she left with all the perks that came with her position only to go to a guy who doesn’t have much.

But maybe he has just the basics which is enough.

So yea people are going to troll you and Lilian

But i think she js where she wanted to be. And I’m glad you let her go and still remain friends.

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