Akwa Ibom Is PDP, Udom Emmanuel Dispels Defection Rumour

The Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel, has dispelled rumours concerning his defection to the All Progressives Congress, emphasising that the state belongs to the Peoples Democratic Party.

He was reacting to media reports (not by The PUNCH) that he planned to defect from PDP to APC.

The Governor stated this on Tuesday, in a statement titled, ‘Governor Udom Emmanuel dispels defection rumour’.

The statement read, “Do you know why they are writing that I will join them?

“They are looking for good people to repair their party. They want someone with projects as they don’t have any.

“They want someone that commissions projects. They have never commissioned any because they don’t have any.

Akwa Ibom is PDP! PDP is Akwa Ibom!

“When you see them, tell them that Akwa Ibom is not like any other State.

“Akwa Ibom is PDP! I think a word Is enough for the wise.

“You know, when they come and see the good roads that the Governor has constructed, they are looking for a way for us to come and do the same there.

“Tell them that it is not the same. The kind of anointing that is in PDP cannot be found in any Party.”

Source:- Punch Ng


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