Akure Explosion Update: Newly Discovered Facts (Must Read)

The following are newly found facts about Akure Explosion

Akure ‘explosion’ was not nuclear meteor effect- OAU Prof.

-Akeredolu Tells Press, “It was Unintended Discharge, Vehicle Containing Explosives triggered The Akure Explosion. Akeredolu”

Days ago, horror befell Akure as there was an explosion that claimed several lives and properties. Fact, most of these lives are unaccounted for.

We at CmaTrends took it upon ourselves to find out freshly dug facts to keep you abreast of the explosion.

About The Explosion

An explosion happened in the early hours of Saturday at Eleyowo, Akure, along the Owo-Akure highway around 1 a.m. in what could be like an meteor or a rapture.

Over a hundred buildings were destroyed in the early hours of Saturday following the blast that shook Ondo County.

According to nearby witnesses, a disturbing sudden boom was heard while everybody was sleeping.

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Also affected in the akure explosion was a full boarding school, Aina Awawul Secondary School, one of the most popular churches in Akure, Possibility Ground Ministry, as well as filling station and hundreds of buildings.

Nigerians are reacting to the akure explosion news as they predict it could either be asteroid, thunder or batch A rapture.


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Could This Be Rapture Or Asteroid?? Explosion Rocks Akure, Buildings Destroyed
Rapture Or Asteroid?? Explosion In Akure scene
Could This Be Rapture Or Asteroid?? Explosion Rocks Akure, Buildings Destroyed
Rapture Or Asteroid?? Explosion In Akure scene
Could This Be Rapture Or Asteroid?? Explosion Rocks Akure, Buildings Destroyed
Rapture Or Asteroid?? Explosion In Akure scene

We all could say, “The End Time is Near” however, Akeredolu and other prominent personalities of Ondo came out to speak to the press and explained what happened in details.

-Akeredolu Tells Press, “It was Unintended Discharge, Vehicle Containing Explosives triggered The Akure Explosion”

State governor Rotimi Akeredolu, who rushed to the scene, and his deputy Hon Agboola Ajayi, said, “It was confirmed to the security chiefs that in the early hours of Saturday, March 28, a vehicle in a convoy carrying explosives to a storage facility in a neighboring state had a fault while in transit along Akure Owo Road about 2 km from Akure Airport.

He adds:

“Police officials and other people carrying the instructions observed the smoke emanating from the car.

“After multiple efforts to extinguish the ensuing fire having failed, the car and its shipment having exploded, triggering a huge explosion that had resulted in Akure and its surroundings.”

“At present, attempts are being made to determine that there are casualties.

After my visit to the site, I ordered that the field be corded off to enable the explosive ordinance department / bomb squad to retrieve the car hidden underneath as it is not known if there are any bombs that have yet to be exploded. ‘All is under control and I will inform the media on any new developments.

“This, according to him, its important because the explosion, the location, and its immediate consequences are still security issues,” he said, “more so because no one can confirm if undetonated devices are still trapped in unseen corners, particularly in the gully still generated by the explosion.

“This is also in the public interest for citizens to give protection experts access to the region through depopulation. Security agencies shall hold the public aware of changes as they happen.

Ojogo said:

“Because of the path that has been closed off, an alternate route should be used automatically for travelers on the street.

The ‘Explosion’ was not nuclear, It Was A Meteor Effect- OAU Prof.

Experts headed by Adepelumi Adekunle, Professor of Geophysics and Earthquake Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University, said that meteors had a “43 degree angle” effect on the area.

Adekunle said his team’s results indicate that the fire was triggered by natural causes, which challenged the governor.

He claimed that there was no proof of a hidden car, underground or bombs from the location, except that “alien rocks except odd metal items” had been identified within the crater.

His report read: “My Research group carried out a detailed analysis of the impact site. A circular impact crater with 21m diameter and 7.8m depth was found which suggest a natural phenomenal.

“Water was found oozing out from the edges of the crater. A preliminary insitu vibration, noise, seismicity, water analysis, radioactivity studies, rock and soil investigation were carried out.

“Our findings suggest that the impact of the blasting covers 1km radius of the surroundings of the crater. No evidence of fire or Burning of anything was found within the vicinity.

“No evidence of radioactivity radiation was found within the crater and immediate vicinity. The field evidence point to a conclusion that a meteoric from an asteroid belt that travels at a great speed from space impacted the location at an angle of 43 degrees created an ejecta at South-Western part.”

He also said that a crack opening ranging in thickness from 3 mm to 4 meters appeared on the wall of most of the buildings in the city, “but not at the base of the houses.”

When Asked, What Do We Do? Are We Safe In Akure, and Nigeria at Large?

Meteoroids, as described earlier, are objects produced as two asteroids crash into another, causing their sections to break down. The asteroid itself is a tiny rocky object that circles the sun.

This kind of explosion is occurring elsewhere — and not the first that Nigeria has experienced.

In 1962, a farmer was almost hit by a major meteorite when he crashed in Zagami, Katsina province.

One of the most recent meteor blasts occurred in March 2019, which the US detected.

This was the second worst of its type in 30 years, and the biggest after the Chelyabinsk wildfire in Russia six years earlier, in which around 1,000 people were wounded.

Any way to stop it? The best we can do is rely upon the alerts that arrive years sooner than those from space, the Guardian states.

“The possibility of an asteroid is a common phenomenon that we should hopefully do more with using the technologies that we now have. What we need to do is have the Planet skip, just in such a way that it doesn’t come back a few years later to crash with the World, “he says.

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