A “sunscreen” for roads can help keep cities cool


A US company has created a “sunscreen” for roads that helps absorb and disperse light and heat. This producer keep cities cooler and reduce pollution.

Canada and the United States are experiencing “the highest temperatures of the historic heat dome” that has ravaged the western region of the two countries, warned the US National Weather Service (NWS) last week.

You “historic” records recorded, this Monday, in western Canada and the United States are caused by a heat wave of extremely rare intensity, which has already caused the closure of schools, vaccination centers against covid-19 and motivated the creation of cooling centers.

Planting more trees is one solution to keeping cities fresher, but now there may be a new alternative. Pavement Technology Inc. has created a floor spray, called ARA-1 Ti, which guarantees reduce the temperature of the roads.

Although the formula is kept secret, it is known that the spray is made from dioxide titanium, a compound used in many sunscreens, white paints and pharmaceuticals, writes the gizmodo.

Titanium dioxide is a photocatalyst, meaning it absorbs and scatters light and heat. Substance can also “revitalize aged asphalt”, making it stronger. The spray is also intended for dissolve car exhaust pollution.

In a promotional video, the company claims that 1.6 kilometers of pulverized road may have the same air quality benefits as planting about 9 hectares of trees.

Last year Orlando International Airport in Florida used the treatment, and investigators found that cut nitrogen dioxide pollution in half.

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