A small rhinoceros traveled to Japan to find love


A small five-year-old white rhinoceros traveled from Taiwan to Japan. All to find love.

Like many humans, Emma’s travel plans ended up having to be postponed due to new coronaviruses. But after a three-month delay, this southern white rhinoceros arrived in Japan in search of love.

Five-year-old Emma came from Leofoo Safari Park in Taiwan, where she was chosen to find a partner in Japan with the aim to reproduce and promote genetic mixing of the species.

His transfer to the Tobu Zoo in Saitama, near Tokyo, was scheduled for March, but the escalation of the pandemic delayed his departure.

Now, Emma is already at her destination and is ready to meet the 10-year-old rhino Moran, who should be her first suitor.

The small rhino was chosen from a group of 23 rhinos due to its “calm personality”, with the employees of his old house saying that it “rarely got into arguments”.

His stay at the Japanese zoo is part of an attempt to increase the number of captive-bred white rhinos in Asia, says the BBC.

The white rhino is classified as “Almost Threatened”, according to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

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