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A case of Karma? fresh details of old incident about the 65 year old granny who killed husband





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The country was taken by shock and dismay this past week, after news erupted from the Ndururumo village of Kandara in Murang’a, that a 65-year old woman had slit her 99 year old husband’s throat, killing him. However, now details of an alleged incident that happened back in 1969 is coming to light, and has set people wondering whether perhaps the deceased old man might just have brought to himself the misfortune that befell him.

In the bloodcurdling murder that shocked the entire country, Police say Margaret Wanjiru, who was married to Ndung’u Mugachia allegedly murdered him by first cutting off his right ear and then slitting his throat.

However, Mr. Dunson Ngigi, Mugachia’s younger brother revealed that the two got married 52 years ago.

Going by Dunson’s timeline, that would mean that they got married in 1969, when Margaret was just 13 years old while Mugachia was almost 50.

This would mean that it was an astonishing case of early marriage where Margaret Wanjiru was denied her childhood and forced into early matrimony with a man almost four times her age.

Psychologists say that each stage in a person’s life needs to be lived at the appropriate time, and in case a stage is skipped or tampered with, then it’s bound to have a psychological impact on someone.

Witnesses say that Margaret had been erratic for the longer part of their marriage, and it’s likely that she might have been suffering from mental strain put on her by the unusual circumstances surrounding her life.

“She has been in and out of this marriage. For the 52 years that they have been man and wife under customary law, they have lived together for about 15 years,” said Dunson.

He said that the two had been living a life of conflict, “regarding the paternity of children, family land and suspicions of infidelity”.

Dunson claimed the murder suspect was against her husband being given money or food.

“There was a time in 2019 when we contemplated taking him to a rescue home for the elderly but she threatened us with all manner of repercussions,” said Marion Nduta, a grandchild in the family.

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