Carelessness!! Mum Leaves Newborn Child To Use The Toilet As Dog Claws Baby To Death

Carelessness!! Mum Leaves Newborn Child To Use The Toilet As Dog Claws Baby To Death

While his mother was in the bathroom and his father was in the garden with another boy, a family pet dog mauled a newborn baby to death, an inquest heard.

Elon Jase Ellis-Joynes was 12 days old when it is suspected that his family’s Chow Chow-cross bit him on September 13, 2020.

The boy was still alive, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire when Mum Abigail Ellis frenziedly called for an ambulance but died in the hospital.

“The Court of Doncaster Coroner heard that Elon had been” bleeding from his leg or his stomach.

Police are still investigating his death and the investigation was adjourned to a later date by senior coroner Nicola Mundy.

Coroner’s Officer David Copley said: “Abigail Ellis made a call to the South Yorkshire Ambulance at 3.04 pm on Sunday, September 13.”

She said her son, Elon, was breathing, but it was very bad.

She thought one of the dogs had bitten Elon because he was bleeding from his leg or his tummy.

“She had been on the toilet and her partner Stephen was outside with another child and came running in.

“Officers attended and Stephen Joynes identified Elon to police officers.”

A police spokesperson said the baby had suffered serious injuries after being attacked by a dog.

They said the pet, called Teddy, was removed from the address and will remain in secure kennels until the force’s inquiries have been completed.

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