Mothers Day: American Actor, Jharrel Jerome Pens Down Moving Message For His Mum

The American actor and Academy Award for Best Picture winner writes an endearing message for his mother as the world celebrated mothers day on the 10th of May, 2020 amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Via his Instagram account, the actor, Jharrel Jerome shared and narrated the extent to which his mother impacted his career and personality.

Read Message Below:

That’s the amount of miles between us. But whats a few miles to a life long connection? A connection that has engulfed my spirit for 22 years.
A connection that has embraced my biggest fears, pushed me to all my limits, inspired my greatest achievements. 2,454 miles. Yet still, I could feel your breath on my ears, listening to you tell me I can do it.
I can feel your touch on my shoulders, ending every battle that I have within myself. I can taste your home cooked meals every time I take a bite of this bland food out in LA. I can even hear you laugh as I crack jokes to my friends over here. Your laugh has never rung louder in my head. It replays and replays. 2,454 miles. Seems like a planet away. But whats a few miles to a life long connection? 2,454 miles. But I feel like I’m only 6 feet away from you everyday. Like I can reach out and give you a kiss whenever I want. 2,454 miles. But I’ve never felt closer to you. Thousands no longer seem so large. Thousands no longer seems so hard to overcome. What’s the word ‘thousands’, to a man you’ve raised to make millions. Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful mother.

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