28 Days After Going Into Coronavirus Life Support Coma, Lady Wakes Up In New York

A lady identified as Christell Cadet, a 34-year-old A paramedic has woken up after spending 28 days in a coma that was reportedly caused by coronavirus.

According to the EMS group representing her, Christell, a 34-year-old paramedic in New York Fire Department, woke this week from the month-long coma.
She reportedly contracted Covid-19 after the epidemic in New York, the country’s coronavirus epicentre, which saw over 25,000 people dying from the epidemic of this virus, and at least 330,000 positive tests for this virus.

The fellow FDNy paramedic Sherry Singleton wrote on a GoFundMe page that helped pay for Cadet’s health care charges: “We spent 28 days on life support and she is OFF LIFE SUPPORT and breathing alone.

Singleton explained that;

โ€˜She’s awake, talking and recovering at home. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and your generosity. Her rehabilitation and journey to 100% recovery begins,โ€™ we have so far raised $18,600 of its $100,000 goal.

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