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May 1, 2019
Today just might be the worst day of my life. It started raining around the early hours of this morning, I guess my body had grown accustomed to being awoken by the startling rise in temperature brought about by the heat wave, so I overslept. It was Jide’s phone call that woke me up, at 9 am. He asked me why I wasn’t at work yet. I may have lied.
“That’s not an excuse Lola. If you knew you were going to be sick you should have called before now. That’s none of my business anyway, I’m not paying you to be sick at home. I need to see you here before 10”
Can you imagine!?😒

Not his business if I’m sick! Somebody hearing him talk now will think is one important work that I’m doing or that I’m being paid a six figure salary, nonsense! I can’t wait to leave this stupid company. I didn’t even have time to read through my devotional properly, I just rushed out.
Then came the navigation of my way to work through the wet, jam-packed streets of Lagos. Someone up there must have been playing pranks or something, first I stumbled into the wrong bus and I didn’t even realize until I heard “Ibadan” somewhere in the conductor’s mouth, by that time we were already on the express. When I finally gathered the courage to voice out my stupidity, you can trust that the conductor did not find it funny.

Mad Angry GIF - Mad Angry Crowd GIFs

I then had to take a mud splattered bike which totally ruined my outfit back to the bus-stop.
But I think the highlight of my day was when I got involved in a conversation with a handsome gentleman in a suit at the last bus stop to the office, which is something I wouldn’t usually do but..

What A Man GIF - WhatAMan Man Manly GIFs

For some reason he requested that I hold onto his bag for him while he tried to locate a suitable spot to relieve himself. I didn’t see anything particularly wrong with it. Neither did I see the police convoy coming so…
Long story short I almost got arrested😶.

I sha hope in this guardian angel of a tin there used to be on rotation, cos the one that was on duty today cannot be on duty tomorrow.

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