Facebook CTO Mike “Schrep” Schroepfer will resign from the post sometime in 2022, after 13 years leading technology operations for the biggest social media company in the world. Facebook said Schroepfer next year will become a “senior fellow” at the company, working on initiatives such as recruiting and developing technical […]

Total Views : 138 Socialite Risper Faith has revealed that she is worried she is becoming skinny. Risper is among the most curvaceous socialites that we currently have in the country. While so many might be having major fears, for Risper, it is to lose what her doctor gave her. […]

Total Views : 87 Vera Sidika’s baby is almost here and all I can say is, finally! Vera has been sharing her baby bump pics now and the and the truth is, she has made pregnancy look so beautiful! Last night Vera shared her Instagram stories and revealed that she […]